Engraving of Henry Clay by A.H. Ritchie

Alexander Hay Ritchie, Portrait of Henry Clay, undated. Engraving. Printed by Dunbar, published by George Lambert. "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1852."

This engraving is attributed to Alexander Hay Ritchie (1822-1895), though a similar lithograph from 1852 is attributed to William Pate.

In 1865, the Kentucky state legislature called for entries to a national painting competition. The goal was to hang a painting of Henry Clay in the State Capitol building. The winning entry by William Frye was based on the print to the left. Frye's painting can be seen today in the Old State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Another entry, by Phineas Staunton, was not selected, and disappeared for decades. It was rediscovered in the 2000s and underwent a massive restoration effort. It now hangs in the Brumidi Stairwell of the U.S. Capitol.

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